South City Fried Chicken Pop-up at Preux & Proper

My second visit to Preux & Proper in DTLA featuring food by South City Fried Chicken. Last time i was on a tour of the fashion district and I don't normally eat at foodie meet ups. I'm too busy taking pics and trying to get video footage. This time I sat down and tried the food and was blown away. I already knew how great it looked but was really impressed with how delicious everything was. Not only was it really good it's all responsibly sourced and they even grow some of the greens themselves in-house! I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. If you're in the DTLA area looking for a great restaurant with good food, check out Preux & Proper.

Here is a quick video recap of our dining experience.

The restaurant is a wedge shaped two story building that has so much character, lots of windows and is amazing for taking food pics. I really like this place a lot for so many reasons. So you add in some amazing food and you have yourself a real experience. Here are some pics of the food that was featured at the food tasting event.

chicken livers
my first time having chicken livers.

The last time I had chicken liver was in Japan almost 20 years ago. That was my first and last time. I had it just seared on a stick and found it to be just..... bleh. Now this is the way to have chicken livers! breaded, seasoned and served with a honey drizzle. I really like this dish but can only really eat a few. A really great appetizer! or if you really like your liver, you're going to love this.

Next up is the Chicken and Waffles! Always a popular dish and I've had them so many different ways. They make a good chicken and waffles, i'd recommend this dish for sure.  Presentation and taste is on point and there's a lot of little touches that make this a memorable dish. Not going to give it the title of best or in the top teir... but it's really good and better than most out there. I'd honesty get this next time i drop by.

chicken and waffles
South City's Chicken and Waffles


The cocktails were fun and very flavorful. They really did a great job of complimenting the menu which is something that is often overlooked. By the bar you can see tubs of fresh fruit and organic plant stem straws which are a really nice touch.


Chicken Sandwiches

They have the most impressive collection of chicken sandwiches I’ve ever saw on a menu. Most places have one good chicken sandwich. The South City menu features 5! Pictured are the 3 I was able to get pictures of. Each was very impressive.

Whole Fried Game Hen

This was a real treat! It’s a 4pc quartered bone in game hen with lowcountry seasoning, buttermilk dressing, parsley, scallions & dill. This is a fun one to share.


840 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Mon – Thursday, 11 am – 10 pm

Fri & Sat, 11am – 11 pm

Sunday Brunch 12pm-4pm
Sunday Supper 4pm-9pm

Author: ernsoner