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For sure this is going to be one the highlights of 2019. The VIP foodie event for the grand opening of Atomic Creamery at Fashion Island in New Port Beach. One of the most impressive and fun events I’ve attended. Hosted by Norma aka @Eatwithnorma it was truly a wonderful event attended by some of my favorite SoCal foodies. Atomic Creamery is a veteran owned business and Orange County’s newest purveyor of fresh made-to-order, all-natural liquid nitrogen ice cream. They don’t just serve Ice Cream. They also serve shakes, Sundays and do an amazing chicken and waffle!! If you would like to try Atomic Creamery here is a promo code: ERNSLAB. Show this code to your cashier and get a buy one get one 50% off Monday thru Thursday. It will start this Wed and go until March 17th. .

Check out this short behind the scenes video of the foodie event that features some of the amazing desserts!

This really was a red carpet event! With a big A List of foodies I was very honored to have been invited. There were so many little details that really made this a special event. What’s great about this location is that valet parking for Fashion Island is right in front of the shop! Walking in we were greeted by the host Norma and given a very nice “Welcome Erns” by the staff. I thought that was a nice touch.

red carpet, foodies, vip, entrance
A lovely red carpet rolled out for some very special foodies.

Another special touch were the personalized table cards. Very nice to have at foodie meetups so you don’t lose your seat. There’s a lot of getting out of your seat when it’s time to take pics and it’s also great because you can see who your seated with and get their handles right away. I appropriate the little things like this so much that I always keep them no matter how big or small.

Name tag, reserved seating, media event, grand opening, fashion Island,
My name card for the opening. I though this was a very nice touch.

Here is some of the Ice Cream being made. I don’t know how the whole process works but It really was fun to watch from behind the counter! And I know the end result is something that was super yummy. They offered regular Ice Cream and also offered non-dairy options. I think coming to a place like this is really nice because you get to watch your ice cream being made and it’s such a cool process.

Nitro, Nitrogen Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Atomic Creamery, Fashion Island
Making of the nitrogen ice cream.

I’m just going to run real quick through all the dessert pics and then you’ll find the behind the scenes pics of the foodies at work. There’s nothing like being around good food and people who work so hard to review and share what they love. Each dessert was so picturesque and very delicious. They have an impressive line up of desserts.

Ice Cream, strawberry, nitrogen ice cream, fashion island
Such a delightful presentation and extremely delicious.
Lemon, Lemon Ice Cream, Ice Cream, dessert
One of the most delicious lemon ice creams i’ve ever had. I need to confirm this but I heard they use a very popular lemonade to flavor the ice cream. What ever it is they use, it’s amazing.
cereal, milkshake,
This milk shake being held by Evie was so good! I think she said this was her favorite. Anything with cereal is going to be good!

I didn’t get too many food only pics. I was really trying to capture the event and those who attended. I think this is something people don’t get to see very often. It’s always great to give some attention to those who help these businesses get the work out. Below is Hop (@x3hoppie) and Kevin. You can check out her really great blog where she gives really honest reviews good and bad! Her blog is one that have been following for some time now. Do yourself a favor while your there and read the blog post written by Keven!! To check out her blog CLICK HERE

foodies, selfies, media, ice cream,
This is one of my favorite Foodies I’ve been following since before I become a foodie myself. This is Hop and her lovely assistant Kevin. If you see these two at a meet-up you know it’s a good one! Go check out her blog. She gives 100 real reviews.

Attending events you also get to meet other influences and foodies. Sometimes you get a little starstruck when you meet an influence you’ve been following for a while. I get really shy around some because their like celebrities to me. I follow them, study their posts and content and it inspires me to see them at work. Below is @cookingwithk8 holding food so people could take pics.

foodie, food photography, behind the scenes, photo shoot
Foodies getting those amazing food shots in front of backdrop and lighting. This was so helpful since it was an evening event so lighting was limited.
foodies, food pics, media, influencers
One of my IE faves @foodie_V!! I’ve known V for a few years now so it’s always cool to see her. If you watch my food videos you’ll see her in a lot of them taking pictures of food.
Press, media, camera shot, food shoot
@eat_like_steve getting some star treatment in front of all the cameras. I like to see the foodies with their food.

Another great perk of the night is that my daughter was invited to come along with me. A big lover of ice cream she was very excited to come along and did great modeling the food. She’s featured in a few of my videos which she doesn’t mind to much. She doesn’t have much patience for having her picture taken but she really was into it this day.

kid model, child model, ice cream, food photography, ice cream
This is my favorite foodie in the making. This is my daughter Evie holding my favorite treat of the night. I really was impressed with the flavor of this ice cream.

Atomic Creamery is located at Fashion Island in New Port Beach, CA.



next to R&D Kitchen

549 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 717-7544
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