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My Health Journey Update

Last year I was diagnosed with some health issues that really made me have to think about my lifestyle. I…

French Press Erns Rancho cucamonga

How to use a french Press

This is how I make my coffee in the morning now. I used to use a Kurig because it was…

Easy Pesto Recipe

This is a simple pesto recipe. Seriously one of my favorite things to make. I love how it makes my…

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How to make pozole

I try to keep most of my recipes simple. Each time i’ll add a little somethings extra or experiment with…

My Meal Prep Journey

Losing weight has always been a challenge. Like many people I would blame my busy lifestyle or my financial situation….

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Limericks DTLA

I was so happy to finally try Limericks Tavern – DTLA. I’ve been to the other three (Upland, Chino Hills…