LA Fashion District Tour

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Every time I make a video about Downtown Los Angeles you’ll hear me say what an adventure it is. Even when I go for a quick meeting or just passing through, I always find myself exploring and finding new things. Thanks to my friends at Chavez PR I was invited on a tour of an area i’ve yet to explore, The LA Fashion District. I drive though quite a big but have never had the pleasure to stop and explore the lively streets. Like all my Downtown adventures it all starts in an underground parking lot. Part of the excitement is seeing where the elevator pops up at.

On this trip we stop by the Flower Mall, Preux & Proper, an alley full of murals, Blue Moon and finish the tour at Cilantro Lime. It was a great tour that was fun and really showed me a part of DTLA i’ve been dying to explore.

I’m very fortunate to have experienced the Fashion District as part of a guided tour and I’d like to share with you some of the interesting things and places you too would enjoy. If you’re going for shopping or just to experience it all you’re in for a treat. There so much life, color and culture to be found around every corner. I know a lot of your are thinking about your safety. One thing you will find is a lot of security and a heavy police presence. You’ll see a lot wearing bright yellow riding bikes around.
one thing for sure I really enjoyed as an artist were all the murals.

I think a big must for any photographer is the California Flower Mall. There was so much color and areas to get lost in. Walking through the mall alone is an experience as you can smell all the flowers and really experience it all with all your senses. To take pictures alone just doesn’t do it justice. It’s inspiring and if you want to buy flowers or plants for you home or a shoot there’s no better place. It’s open to the public and you do not need a seller’s permit or business license to shop here.

One of the best things about being downtown for me is the food! There’s so many places to eat that I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the DTLA food scene. Our first food stop on the tour was Preux & Proper. An interesting wedge shaped restaurant that really maximizes the interesting layout. There’s a lot of natural lighting and a cool patio that’s open yet provides a little privacy from the streets that merge at it’s point.

What would be a trip to the Fashion District without seeing some fashion. We dove past so many fabric and clothing places but only visited one store. I really do need to go back and do some more exploring in the menswear area but for content and even fabrics I really do recommend stopping by Blue Moon. They had so many prints and different materials. You can even purchase the fabrics online!

Time to wrap up this tour. If you’re like me and have a long drive home it’s always best to grab a bite and let traffic die down or just get on the road with a full belly. There’s a nice little food court in the middle of it all and in this food court you’ll find the well known Cilantro Lime. Well known in the foodie world it’s a fun place for a quick bite. They have some original creations made my foodies and some great classics.

Author: ernsoner