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Limericks DTLA is foodie approved.

I was so happy to finally try Limericks Tavern – DTLA. I’ve been to the other three (Upland, Chino Hills & Alhambra) but i’ve really wanted to check this one out for some time. Food from the new menu is so good! This location has a great little patio with a patio bar, a dark middle section, nice big window seating area with a small stage and a den looking area. There’s lot of TVs all around so perfect for catching the game. Food and drink are really good here. Much better for the price than you will find in the area. The chef really did a great job with the new menu adding his own touches that really pleased our table of seasoned reviewers. There area lot of parking garages and lots nearby and it’s a really easy location to access. Check out my quick review and behind the scenes from our most recent foodie meetup.

Lets take a better look at the menu items shall we? One thing I like about all the Limericks is that they change up the menu every season and they give their chefs the freedom to put their influence into the creation of the final product. You can go to any location and get a great meal but it will be just a little different from the other location. The chef at the Downtown Los Angeles location really did a great job with this menu and took time to talk to us throughout the serving and give us all the info on each dish.

First up is the chef’s favorite. The spicy chicken sliders. Much like it’s bigger menu mate the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, just smaller and served on Hawaiian rolls. It’s the sweetens of the rolls that make this his favorite. It’s a great slider and actually quite big for a slider.

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Chicken Sliders

This was probably the favorite dish of all the foodies. The Steak or Chicken Skillets are a Taiwanese style skillet served with pasta and a fried egg. The combination is excellent and the meat is prepared so well. The steak gets a 2 day marinade in Papaya juice and other ingredient and the chicken gets a one day marinade. It took the chef a while to research how to create this dish and a lot of experimentation but let me tell you, he has created something really special.  This is a dish to be proud of.

Taiwan steak and noodles
`Taiwan style steak and pasta

Now here was my favorite, The spicy chicken sandwich. Every since this whole Popeyes Chickens Sandwich craze, i’ve been in a chicken sandwich mood. This right here has to be one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches around. Hand breaded and cooked by a chef who’s really created something that packs a lot of flavor and quality you can taste.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
The Spicy Chicken Sanwich

It wouldn’t be a tavern if it didn’t have drinks. Limericks actually brews it’s own beer! The beer is quite good and since they brew it themselves it’s cheaper than some of the other local brews and ten times better than anything mass produced by the big commercial breweries. They also have some really great signature cocktails that always hit the spot!


Some great breakfast dishes include the Chicken and French Toast. Instead of waffles the chef decided to go with french toast which is a great option for those a little burnt out on waffles. I think it makes for a more filling meal and that syrup really is the thing that ties it all together.

chicken and waffles, chicken , french toast
Chicken and French Toast
Corned beef and hash
Corned beef and hash

The Corned beef and Hash has to be one of those favorites that gets overlooked a lot. Even I didn’t think much of it when I saw it on the menu but after they brought it out I wanted it. A nice hearty serving with a side of toast and a fried egg. Perfect hangover food for sure!

Trying to keep things on the healthy side? try the big Buffalo Chicken Salad. It’s big chunky and fresh! This is big enough to share that’s for sure and is a perfect summer dish to enjoy on the patio.

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Buffalo Chicken Salad



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Hours may vary during soft opening.

Sun – Thurs 11:30am – 12am

Fri – Sat 11:30am – 2am

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