My Meal Prep Journey

No More Excuses

Losing weight has always been a challenge. Like many people I would blame my busy lifestyle or my financial situation. Obviously I'm a guy who loves to eat and cook and the more calories and fat the better the food is right? Maybe when I was in my 20s, but being in my mid-40s I can't eat like that anymore. I no longer can blame a busy lifestyle because I work from home and financially i'm doing a'ight. The one good excuse I do have really doesn't cut it. I'm a foodie. And not like i'm someone who likes food, I'm someone who creates content and shares videos and pics of food for a living. About 6 months ago at the suggestion of my sister who is a beauty blogger and fitness junkie I tried meal prepping. Meal prepping from home sounded like a good idea and it's not hard but it is very time consuming and it's very easy to get burnt out on your own food. I then tried two local food prep services which was more convenient but quickly became bored with the food and was unimpressed with the quality. Shortly after Charlene of @Rancho_cucamonga_eats invited me to lunch and we were joined by a lovely couple. I learned that they owned a meal prep service and I offered my services. I created some content for them and was very impressed with their operation. They had real chefs and cooks creating dishes from scratch. I've spent the past 4 years in and out of some impressive kitchens featuring some talented chefs and what I saw that day really blew my mind. Of course they would go a little extra while the cameras are rolling right? No, this is how they do every week. It was then I was willing to give the whole meal prep another try.

meal prep meal for the busy person
Promotional photo I took showing someone eating a delicious meal while on the My Healthy Penguin website. Which really doesn't make sense haha Is she ordering more meals?

The meal prep business is called My healthy Penguin. There's a really great story behind the name which you can read on their website. I was also impressed with how the business started and how their work ethics and passion have really separated them from their competition. I then started ordering meals from them and was instantly impressed with the meals and service. They put out a new menu of meals every week and they really are healthy dishes. You will see me post that their food is better than some restaurants I visit and I one hundred percent mean that. Because of their meals i've stopped hitting up drive-thrus while on the road, I don't snack as much and am eating way better than I would cook for myself. Has this lead to any drastic weight loss? No, I still don't exercise and I still need to make some lifestyle changes but it has helped me feel better and I have been keeping my weight down. With this whole "new year, new me" stuff i'm supposed to be walking and excersizing but we'll see how that goes. I will say that putting better foods into my body has made a big difference and not only is it good for my physical health  but also my mental health. It's been saving me so much time and it really is a nice to know I always have a good meal in my fridge waiting for me. If i'm running late for a shoot, my wife has been known to have one of my meals or i've heated a few up for dinner if I don't feel like cooking.

Below you can watch two quick reviews of their meals. I've been using their meals to practice doing reviews and get better at filming at home. You'll see me post videos and feature them quite a bit. I'll be filming an updated review now that they have added their new Nourish Bowls.

So they business is legit. They're doing this for all the right reasons and they put out a great product. That alone is reason to support a local business but my love for their meals go beyond that. The food tastes great, it's healthy but there's one more thing I like about the food. It looks absolutely amazing and I use to to practice food photography haha I've been taking pics and video of food for 4 years and I still have a lot to learn. I watch Youtube videos daily and try to pic up what I can from working with other videographers and photographers. having access to beautiful food has really helped me progress as a content creator. So, am I paid to do any of these reviews or take these pics? Nope, I'm an actual customer who is supporting a local business and not only that, i'm supporting my friends. Am I biased? Yes a little but I have tried other services and i've even created content for some and you never once saw me post about them.  I only try and post and feature businesses I actually like and would frequent.

Healthy Meal Prep Meal
A My Healthy Penguin Meal I put on a set-up for another clients video. After We were done filming a video for a knife I throw a MHP meal on the block.
Meal Preap, Fresh food, Fitness food, Clean Eating, Meal Prep
You can see the knive the shoot was intended for. Looked like a great knife but I'll stick to my Martha Stewart set. MHP sure does make pretty food. this is a meal that's been in the refrigerator for a few days and still looks fresh.

Here are some fun shots you may have seen me post in my stories or use the shot for other featured meals. It's always fun to play with angles, lighting and backgrounds. Along the fun images you can get an idea about the variety of food that My Healthy Penguin delivers.

Mac N cheese, meal prep, home cooking, healthy eating
Does this look like diet food? Some of their dishes are very hearty and stuff I would normally eat. They have ways of substituting ingredients to make it healthier and not make you feel like your missing out. Look at that cornbread!!
nourish bowl, rice bowl, healthy food, meal prep
This is the new Nourish Bowl. It's bigger in size and really fills you up. To me it's the Hungry Man version of meal prep. Still healthy but more food when you need it.

You knew it was coming

So you made it all the way to the bottom of the post. You know what's next don't you? I'm going to give you all the info on how to get your own meals and throw you a promocode. Use the code or not, it makes no difference to me. I'm not paid for this nor do I get any cut or discount. The meals are really good and they're worth a try. If you someone like me who is on the road, is trying to eat better and save time, you're going to love it. Meals can be ordered in 5, 10, 20 and more and the Nourish Bowls are added as their own meal item separate from the meal prep set.  My code ERNS10 will get you 10% off your meal prep set but not the bowls. If you order 10 meals or more on Tuesday you can get 15% off! Order before Thursday at midnight and they deliver every Sunday.

CLICK HERE to check out their menu and order

If you'd like to follow them on social media and get a better idea of who they are and what they offer follow them on Instagram at @myhealthypenguin

Author: ernsoner