Wood & Vine is always an experience

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Every time I visit Wood & Vine it’s a real food and drink experience. Their standard menu and cocktails are always amazing and I absolutely love spending time on their patio.  From the street you really don’t can’t see what awesomeness is behind the windows. Located on the Hollywood Strip across from the Pantages Theater it’s easy to walk right by without noticing it but I think that’s what I like about it. Being in a very touristy area it’s really comfortable place and you don’t feel like your surrounded by tourists.  Really it’s idea for locals who are in the area to see a show or someone just looking for a great dining experience.

I was invited for a Bozal Mezcal tasting and pairing event and I was super excited to attend. I’ve recently started drinking more tequila’s and mezcals and Bozal is a really great brand and of course Wood & VIne always puts out the best food. Check out this short recap video from the event.

Bozal is a really good mezcal and the tasting was very informative an a lot of fun. Higher percentage alcohol but still very flavorful and excellent straight up. We sampled 4 bottles and then a 5th bottle at the end that was really good. Each had a distinct flavor and character.

mezcal, tequila, alchohol, cocktails
The 4 different bottles we sampled
wood & vine, restaurant, manager,  customer service
Wally the manager of Wood & Vine

One thing I love about Wood & Vine is the staff and management. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful and they really care about your dining experience. Even if it’s your first time you are treated like a regular. This really ads to the the homey feel of the restaurant. As someone who visits a lot of restaurants and I can’t express enough how important this is.

The aguachiles what the first dish to be served and it pairs great with any tequila really. but the mezcal they chose to start off with really was great with this dish. It was so good it inspire me to make aguachiles at home the following weekend.

aguachiles, ceviche, shrimp, gourmet, mexican food, sea food
some of the best aguachiles

Pairing food and drinks to some is a serious business. I am no way an expert but like anything it all comes down to the individuals tastes and preferences. Afterall we’re the ones paying for the experience and then following up with purchasing of products that are being promoted at these events. I really appreciate any brand that puts this type of attention to detail and tries to engage one on one with potential customers and fans.

Same can be said about our local restaurants who take the time to feature quality products and open their doors to other businesses and create special dining experiences such as Wood & Vine. I think W&V is very selective about who they collab with so if you see that their hosting a pairing event you should reserve a seat.

I’d like to close out this post with a shout out to my foodie friends whom I dine with. Your company is a big factor in your dining experience. Thank you to TIn Tin Beligan for inviting me and as always it’s so great to eat with and watch Jonny (@wordofmouthLA), Norma (@eatwithnorma} and Ashley (@firstdateguide) work their social media magic.


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Valet parking available at the W Hotel (entrance on Argyle), for $20 with our validation.  Other lots and structures also available in the immediate vicinity.

Author: ernsoner