Newair Nugget Ice Maker

As I add more kitchen appliances to collection I have to factor in my job as a content creator as well as the actual useability of an appliance since I work in my everyday home kitchen.  Like most kitchens counterspace is limited. We’ve had a few ice makers over the years and have found a pretty good brand and model we’ve been happy with. That all changed when we picked up this nugget ice make by Newair. It’s been a big game changer in my work and for my families everyday use. Now our drinks are more fun, we use less ice which means less power and water waste and it fits on our counter top with perfect clearance of the above cabinets.
Go ahead and check out my quick review video on the ice machine.

So with all the good you may be asking if there are any negatives about this machine. I’ve only had this machine a few weeks but have had a few before so I at least have something to compare it to. This is our first nugget ice machine and while it is considered the “good ice” sometimes we do need large bulky ice but we could just get that form the refrigerator. The machine does have the option to have water supplied from a house line but I’m not going to go through the trouble to run that line. Overall it does run quietly with the only exception being when it starts up. It does make a little noise but it lowers as it continues to run. Other than that it’s a pretty awesome machine!

If you’re interested in picking one up you can get more info and order here