The Newair Stone Brewing Mini Fridge

I’ve been looking for a mini fridge for quite some time. There are a lot out there but none really caught my attention enough for me to want to purchase them. I found this cool fridge by Newair and it’s a collaboration with Stone Brewing so it has cool stickers and some style to it. Looking into the fridge I saw that Newair is a quality brand and of course I know Stone’s reputation so this one was for me. It arrived with no issues and was so easy to set up. It came with a bunch of adjustable racks that were easy to install. the fridge is quiet and keeps the cans very cold. It holds 128 cans which is more than enough for us but it’s cool because of the adjustable shelves I can make room for bottles, different size cans and even a growler.

Here is my quick review of the fridge.

As you can see it’s a small fridge but it’s mighty and looks really cool. I’m definitely happy with this fridge and look forward to emptying it and keeping it stocked. It’s available on Amazon and shipped with no issues at all. It’s pretty light and easy to move around.