The Tomahauk Ultimate Sauce Delivery System

When you see a product with a name like this it’s really hard to take it seriously. The Tomahauk Ultimate Sauce Delivery System is a lot to say and in itself is a big claim. The picture on the box shows all the different parts which is nice. But what I really liked was actually reading the box. It had a lot of great information about the product along with some funny sayings and jokes which made me instantly like the product before I even opened the box. I’ve used so many kitchen, cooking and BBQ gadgets over the years my expectations aren’t that high. At the very least using these gadgets is fun and helps me share with others if the products even are worth buying.  Upon opening the package you can see it’s all made of plastic with bumpy finish. It’s all really thick and solid and assembles easily. The brushes all slide into the spoon with ease but hold securely. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be which is a good thing.

Here is my quick review of the product.

The big bowl holds 2 cups of sauce which is more than enough for me on a regular cook. The spoon slides into the bowl itself which is a nice feature. The most interesting feature would be that the brush attachments are built into the ladle. It’s convenient but takes some getting used to. You would usually have to use two tools for this but its just a dip, a poor and brush in a nice fluid movement. It sounds cheesy I know but it’s really nice. Once  you’re all done with the kit it all washes up easily and is dishwasher safe which is awesome. I ran it through a heavy cycle and nothing warped or discolored at all.

As gimmicky as this product may appear I have to admit I rally like it. I like the size, the quality and usefulness of it. I can see myself using this in the kitchen as well so I think this is a great product for anyone who is  using a lot of sauces or basting. Below is a link to the product if  you’d like more information or to purchase it.