Sorry Not Sorry in West Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of visiting Sorry Not Sorry restaurant in West Los Angeles. They've recently turned their parking lot into a 4,000 sqft patio with lots of benches, umbrellas and lighting. With many restaurants changing their opperations daily to meet health requirements it's good to know places like this are ahead of the game and taking things seriously Before you enter you have to get your tempreture taken and fill out a contact tracing form. All staff wear protective gear and even with all the uncomfortabeness of the PPE, they really do make you feel comfortable and welcome. All this makes for a comfortable and safe vibe. The food is really reasonably priced and good quality. perfect for the drinks which too are resonably priced for the area but one thing I will say is in comparison to other restaurants and bars this place offers way better well selection and all their juices and syrups are made in-house. Quite an impressive restaurant if you ask me. So if you're in the West Los Angeles area be sure to stop by and check them out.