Hotties Chicken At The Shoppes Chino Hills

I get invites to a lot of food places in Southern California. Some I’m more excited about than others. This was one invite I was happy to accept. Good friend chicken is hard to find and it’s always a pleasure to try something new or a new take on a classic. A lot of trendy food spots are popping up left and right and more are to come. Right now hot chicken is the thing and Hotties is the place to go.  Really basic menu and I like it that way especially for places like this. You go there for that one thing that you’ve been thinking about all week. That’s what kind of place this is. The chicken sandwiches are good, the fries with the seasoning are really good but for me the star of the Hotties show is that spicy Nashville style fried chicken.



Address: 13865 City Center Dr #3080, Chino Hills, CA 91709