BB.Q Chicken Rancho Cucamonga


I travel all around Southern California and I’ve been lucky enough to really get out there and try all the different restaurants. What’s great is when I find something great in my own city. Rancho Cucamonga has a lot of good places to eat but not much that’s worth the time to make a video or blog post about. BB.Q Chicken in Rancho Cucamonga is not only blog worthy the whole shopping center is worthy of some mention and attention. Before I dive into all the yum that is BB.Q let me also mention the other good restaurants that share the parking lot. First you have one of my favorites Combine Kitchen. They serve the some of the best lattes in the IE and the food menu is original and perfect. U-Grill is a Korean BBQ restaurant that’s fun and really good. Noods Bar has some really good ramen and side dishes and a great happy hour.

Here is my quick video review of BB.Q which stands for Best of the Best. It is definitely the best in Rancho when it comes to taste and verity.

So there are two sides, one is BB.Q and the other is called Chicken + Beer.  Chicken + Beer just had their grand opening and it was a lot of fun. I attended a Media Preview Night and it was attended by some of my favorite local foodies. Here are some pics from that Event.

BBQ Chicken Rancho Cucamonga
BB.Q Chicken in Rancho Cucamonga

So the restaurant is located on the North side of Foothill just east of the 15 Freeway. There is a lot of parking with trees and shade which is nice in the summer. Staff is really nice and helpful and the interior is new and very fun. The food is amazing and there are a lot of options. Without a doubt I think they have some of the best wings in the IE and their Korean style fried chicken is perfect. This is really what Rancho has been missing and i’m glad they opened in this location and have two sides of the restaurant. Here are some pics of the amazong food and foodies from the event

korean fried chicken
Rancho finally has a legit Korean fried chicken restaurant.

So along with all the great chicken optinos, chicken sandwiches and K-food they have some really great sides to go with it all. Fries of all kinds, calamari tings, cheese sticks and more! I think think the one think i’d like to see added to the menu is some cheesy tots haha I do love me some tater tots.

sides, french fries, fryday, onion rings, fast food
BB.Q has all the sides you could ask for.
chicken sandwich, korean style fried chicken, chicken, sandwiich, randcho cucamonga
Quite possibly the best chicken sandwich ever.

Now when I say this might be the best chicken sandwich ever don’t even dare try and bring up Chic-fil-a’s pathetic little nastiness. (Sorry but it’s not that great). BB.Q serves up a proper chicken sandwich. It’s big, it’s tasty and it’s cooked to order not heated and assembled. Do yourself a favor and try the Secret Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It’s not that spicy and is really flavorful. Ask for extra sauce. They might charge you extra but it’s worth it.

So just when you think it can’t get much better, they have beer. And not just beer on tap, they have beer vending machines! What a great way to not have to wait for staff to help you or wait in line. What I really liked was that they filled the machine with a really good selection of beers. Local beers as a well as some popular big labels. For those who don’t like technology they also have 6 beers on tap at the bar.

beer machine, beer, vending machine, craft beer
how many beer vending machines have you seen around? They have one here and it’s really great

Location and information
You can get directions to BBQ Chicken by clicking the map below.