How to make a michelada

The perfect summertime drink

This is my recipe for making a michelada fit for a king. For me it all comes down to using not only the best ingredients but the funnest. With so many ways to make micheladas I think this is by far the most fun. Is this how I normally make them? No, i'm usually really basic about what usually make for myself. In a future video i'll share my quick and easy recipe. For this video I wanted to share something fun and a little more visually pleasing.  You can watch this video and below I have an ingredient list and quick directions to creating a michelada fit for a king.


Beer - Modelo


Hot sauce (Crystal)

Course pepper

Old Bay (I put it on eveything)

Celery stalk

Cucumber spears





First I start by loading Chamoy on the rim. That will hold the Tajin onto the glass. I then ad a few dashes of hot sauce, some Old Bay and add ice followed by my beer. I usually do 60 or 70% beer then top with Clamato, followed by another few dashes of hot sauce,a sprinkle of Old Bay and fresh gound pepper. Then it's time to garnish with celary, cucumber and shrimp.

I purchased all the ingredients at Northgate Market in Riverside. They have everything you need including all the little things like glasses, pre-made kits and the shrimp is amazing! They import their shrimp direct from Mexico's Sea of Cortez.