The Best Garlic Noodles

Before we get into the best garlic noodles let’s talk about all the food out there. Over the years I’ve tried lots of food. There’s a lot of good food out there so it gets hard to say which is the best and even when I think I’ve found the best a week later I might try something better. Now, when it comes to garlic noodles there’s not a lot of restaurants that specialize in garlic noodles so when I found NGHBRS Food Truck I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve known the chef from when he was at Genkiyaki in Lakewood. A restaurant known for their unique Asian/Mexican fusion food.  I was so interested in finding out how this truck’s food would differ but maybe still have some of the same flavors I had come to love. The truck only sells three main items, the garlic noodles, fried rice and wings. From the first time i tried the wings I already knew they were going to be in my top three and still are to this day.  As for the garlic noodles, there really wasn’t much comparison. I’ve had lots of garlic noodles but this was something different. Usually treated as a side dish this was made to be the star of the show. You get a large portion and it’s packed with so much flavor!

The Truck usually parks in North Long Beach but you can also catch them at breweries and other locations so be sure to follow their social media for updated locations and specials like their dollar wing day. If I’m in the area it’s almost a guarantee I will stop by even if I’m not hungry. The food tastes even better the next day! Thanks to air fryers even the wings cook back up nicely.