The Viper Barbeque Knife by Grillspec

I was looking for a knife that would be great for barbeque. I’m always looking for kitchen and cooking gadgets that make life easier. Sometimes I’m on the lookout for cool new products or gift ideas. I was scrolling through Amazon and came across this knife from Grillspec. It’s called the Viper and it’s made for barbeque and outdoor cooks. It features different blades on each side of the knife. One side has a sharp cutting side for slicing and the other is serrated for carving and cutting bread. What makes this knife a little different is that it the point of the knife has two tines, or a slit in the middle forming tines that act as a tool to help move and flip you meats while on the grill. Also featured is a rubber grip and a bottle opener at the bottom end of knife.  Packaging was straight forward with describing features and over all the product is made really well. While it’s not exactly going to replace my favorite kitchen knife, it really does have a place at my grill or when cooking or prepping outdoors.

Here is my video review of this product.

Who is this knife for? It’s for anyone who does a lot of outdoor cooking and appreciates a mulitool.  I think it would make a great gift and perfect for camping or any situation where you’re trying to limit how many utensils you’re using. Many BBQers our there tend to keep to the minimum amount of utensils and gadgets as opposed to those who cook indoors in a kitchen.

Overall it’s a good knife and there’s only a few things I would change about the knife or have concerns about. Number one, is the safety in using this knife. You want to make sure the sheath is on before using the bottle opener. The second thing I noticed when cutting is sometimes when you’re used to applying pressure to the top side of the blade to cut though cartilage or bone, You cannot do that with this knife because it’s double sided. Lastly, those of us with big hands will find our thumb reaching over too far up the back of the blade. It’s just something to be mindful of. I really do like the feel in my hands and has a solid build so the quality makes up for these minor things I need to be mindful of.

If you’d like to find out more about this knife you can check it out on Amazon!