Trip Tip Torta Recipe

No gameday kickoff would be complete without finger food that packs a punch.  Here’s a recipe for some full flavored and action packed tri tip mini tortas. You can get everything you need at Northgate Gonzalez Market.  They carry all the best ingredients and products you need to make for a winning game day experience. 


2 – 3lb  tri tip roast

12 mini bolillo 

10oz queso panela 

1 cup refried beans

1/3 cup of melted butter

2 tomatoes 

2 avocados

2 cups shredded lettuce

1 jar Best Foods Mayonnaise

2 Lawry’s Taco Seasoning Mix packages. 


– Prepare the grill for indirect cooking.
– Cover tri tip roast in Lawry’s taco seasoning or favorite spice rub and let sit until grill comes to temperature

-Place roast on grill over direct heat and let sear ro 5 to 8 minutes and rotate as needed to create crust on both sides. Move to the indirect heat side of your grill. 

– Cook over indirect heat for 20 to 25 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees.
– Remove the roast from the heat and let it rest for 10 to 20 minutes before slicing. 

– Lightly fry slices of queso panela
– Cut mini bolillos in half and brush with melted butter. Toast until golden brown
– Spread Best Food Mayonnaise on both top and bottom pieces of bolillo.

– Add a layer of refried beans to bottom bread. 

– Add tri tip slices
– Add Slices of queso panela
– Place top piece of bread on torta and place into hot sandwich press or toast each side of torta in a hot skillet

– Remove from heat, open torta and add lettuce, slices tomato, onion , and avocado.  

– Place the top of bolillo on torta and enjoy