My New Favorite LED Light

I’ve been creating content for around 8 years now so I’ve purchased so many lights over the years. Some serve a very specific purpose and some were just impulse buys. I’ve held off on purchasing any more on-camera lights. They’ve all seem to be too big, too small and not enough power or just a pain to use. I think I finally found a great light to serve several functions. There are a few brands who make a very similar light at twice the price. Smallrig has been upping their product quality over the past few years so I’ve been purchasing more from them.

Here is the PIX M160 light by Smallrig

If you’d like to purchase this light use this link!  CLICK HERE

After using this small LED light on several shoots I’m really impressed by how often I use it. I didn’t think I was going to use most of the functions but it’s really let me play around with some shots and it’s been so easy to use it didn’t’ take any time at all to get used to it. One feature I underestimated was using it to charge my phone. It does a decent job of charging my phone but the thing I like about it is that I no longer have to carry a separate power bank. So this light pretty much lives in my camera bag now. As I mentioned in the video its a solid build with two filter options which comes in handy especially when I don’t know what lighting conditions i’m walking into or know what the clients ideas are on shots.