My Cheap Espresso Machine

Let me tell¬† you about my cheap espresso machine. A few years ago I got into making coffee. Before that I was more of a tea kinda guy. My wife was drinking energy drinks daily and I wanted to get her off of those so I had the idea of switching her to coffee. I wanted to learn how to make coffee like she would get at Starbucks. I didn’t know much about coffee so I watched some videos and visited some local coffee shops. Using the Kurig was just fine for her but what happened was I ended up getting hooked on coffee and the process of making it. I moved onto using a French press and that was cool for a while. The more I got into making coffee and appreciating good beans the day came where I wanted to start making espresso at home.¬† I had a limited budget so there was no way I could afford the espresso machine I wanted so and even if I could, would I want to spend a thousand dollars on something I might not even use that often. I got on Amazon and found this cheap machine for around $150. This is the Gevi I’m still using today.

So a year later I’m still happy with this espresso machine. I haven’t had any issues with it at all. It’s thought for the price it would only last a few months but it’s a little beast. So, it’s affordable, it works fine and it looks nice. After making this video and linking it to Amazon I found out it’s actually one of Amazon’s best sellers! So if you’re looking for a cheap espresso machine check it out!