What is Life with Erns

My name is Erns Valdez and I’m a content creator and artist. I’m surrounded by many creative people who do great things. I have a passion for creating and sharing the works of others and I want to use this medium to share with you all the great things that inspire me and make this world a better place. Being an artist, award winning gallery owner and content creator i have been blessed to cross paths with so many creative people. I love connecting people with the community and with each other. This page is for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and new things to do. What separates me from other content creators and artists is that I promote myself, I network and I help others. Life is not a competition, it’s a journey to be enjoyed.

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Follow me on my adventurers, see who inspires me and get a behind the scenes look at client projects, food reviews and more.

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Do you need content for your website or social media? Do you need a manager or a consultation? I can assist you with all three or recommend local experts.

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My life

Want to know more about me and what Life with Erns is all about? click below and see what makes me tick. See what this is all about.

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